Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says¬†Donald Trump threatened to keep the government closed for “years” if he didn’t get $5 billion for the border wall he claimed Mexico would pay for.

Schumer said Trump threatened to keep the government closed for a “very long period of time, months or even years” until he got his border wall. Um, the same wall he repeatedly said Mexico would pay for.

Guess who confirmed he made the comments? The very stable genius himself:¬†“Absolutely I said that.”

Trump made the comments during a meeting the Democratic and Republican lawmakers at the White House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the meeting was “contentious.”

Trump also threatened to declare a state of emergency over the border wall and direct funds from the Defense Department and elsewhere, ABC News reports. He wants to circumvent Congress and act unilaterally in a move that would be illegal and most likely ending up in court.

This latest threat comes after he told Schumer and Pelosi that he would be proud to shut the government down.