Twitter hammers Mika Brzezinski after she pushes for Democrats to cave and give in to Donald Trump’s hostage-taking over the border wall he said Mexico would pay for: “Typical Mika, her new faux outrage over Trump is phony.”

Brzezinski kept interrupting Democratic lawmakers who appeared on Morning Joe. She asked Sen. Sherrod Brown what was the Senate Democrats plan to counter Trump.

“At what point do you just give him the money cause he won’t budge?” Brezinzki pressed Brown. Never mind the fact that Donald Trump proclaimed to the world on December 11, 2018:  “I am proud to shut down the government.”

She suggested that they should fold and give in to his demands. She then went after freshman lawmaker Madeleine Dean, who could barely get a word in. House Democrats voted 10 times to reopen the government and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked votes on those bills.

Instead of calling out the Republicans, who are falling in line to Donald Trump’s stunt, that has led to the longest government shutdown in American history, she’s grilling Democrats. Mika and her new husband Joe Scarborough played footsie with Trump early on in his presidential campaign until they had a falling out. No surprise that she would throw him a life-line.

Speaker Pelosi said that if they give in to Trump, he will shutdown the government again when they voice objections.

Well, Twitter hit back: