Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski sputtering by calling them out to their faces: “Shows like Morning Joe helped to create Donald Trump.”

During an interview to promote his new book, Let Me Finish, Christie said: “Shows like this and other media outlets throughout 2015 helped to create Donald Trump with the amount of time he got on the air gave him more oxygen.”

Christie said that Trump got all the media coverage, while other candidates barely got any coverage. Mika and Joe immediately started sputtering and saying they were fair to all the candidates. Joe said they invited all the other candidates to come on their show. Um, let’s not forget that Mika railed against Hillary Clinton for some unknown reason and that has continued to this day.

Joe and Mika were even accused of giving Donald Trump softball questions, as he requested, during one of his interviews. They were for Trump before they were against Trump.

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