House Democrats demand documents from 81 people, agencies and groups with ties to Donald Trump, including David Pecker, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, Jared Kushner and Hope Hicks.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said unveiled an investigation by into the alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates and members of his administration. That is evident from Michael Cohen’s testimonies on Capitol Hill last week.

“Over the last several years, President Trump has evaded accountability for his near-daily attacks on our basic legal, ethical, and constitutional rules and norms,” Nadler said in a press release.  “Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress and a core function of the House Judiciary Committee.”

“We have seen the damage done to our democratic institutions in the two years that the Congress refused to conduct responsible oversight.  Congress must provide a check on abuses of power.  Equally, we must protect and respect the work of Special Counsel Mueller, but we cannot rely on others to do the investigative work for us.  Our work is even more urgent after senior Justice Department officials have suggested that they may conceal the work of the Special Counsel’s investigation from the public,” the statement continues.

“We have sent these document requests in order to begin building the public record.  The Special Counsel’s office and the Southern District of New York are aware that we are taking these steps.  We will act quickly to gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people.  This is a critical time for our nation, and we have a responsibility to investigate these matters and hold hearings for the public to have all the facts.  That is exactly what we intend to do.”

Others named on the list are Jeff Sessions, KT McFarland, Julian Assange, Michael Cohen, the Justice Department, the FBI, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn Jr., Trump’s secretary at his company Rhona Graff, CFO Allen Weisselberg, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, the Trump Transition team, and the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust are named. Missing from the list is Ivanka Trump, though her name appears in the document requests to Weisselberg and her brothers.

Other names on the list include Kushner Companies, the NRA, Cambridge Analytica, American Media Inc., Erik Prince, Don McGahn, Carter Page, Felix Sater and the General Services Administration (that oversees Trump’s lease for his DC hotel).

CLICK HERE to for the House Judiciary Committee documents request list.