Julian Castro’s campaign manager claps back at Nina Turner’s barefaced lie about his record at HUD:  “The DASP program predated Secretary Castro and he made improvements to it.” In other words, come again.

It all started when Castro criticized Bernie Sanders for being a hypocrite on the issue of reparations to descendants of slaves in the U.S. He said Sanders was willing to write big checks for Medicare for All and free college tuition, but not for reparations.

Turner accused Castro of doing more to “exacerbate the racial wealth gap than anyone in the Democratic Party over the last few years.”

Maya Rupert, who is the only black campaign manager in the 2020 presidential election cycle, responded to Turner’s lie in a series of tweets. “I want to take the moment to clear up a few things,” Rupert tweeted. “First, the DASP program (Distressed Asset Stabilization Program) referenced here predated Secretary Castro. He inherited it and made improvements to help black and brown homeowners,” she continued.

She continued:  “The idea that he exacerbated the racial wealth gap while at HUD is demonstrably false. He lowered the MIP rates, twice, which was a game-changer for increasing black homeownership, which is still the primary wealth generator in this country.”

“He didn’t stop there. Because homeownership remains out of reach for a lot of families of color, especially black families, he looked at the rental market as well.”

“He passed AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) and Small Area FMRs, both of which were huge civil rights priorities because they make it easier to desegregate communities ad get families of color into communities of opportunity. This kind of mobility is critical to address the racial wealth gap,” Rupert continued.

Rupert concluded the Twitter thread:  “The issues we’re talking about right now should be debated critically because they matter. But we should have those debates in good faith. Because facts matter too.”

You see, Bernie Sanders thinks he’s the heir apparent for the Democratic presidential nomination, even though he’s not a Democrat. He thinks he will be able to slide right under his crappy record, but that’s not going to happen in this election cycle.