Twitter bursts out laughing after Kellyanne Conway’s husband mocks Donald Trump as “Summa cum liar” over his lies about his grades. Trump previously said he heard he was first in his graduating class at the University of Pennsylvania. That’s a lie. It would have been noted in the commencement program…oopsie.

George Conway tweeted:  “I will concede him this:  Wherever he goes and whatever he does, Trump will always be summa cum liar.” #SummaCumLiar

This is coming out now following Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee when he showed copies of letters he wrote at Trump’s direction threatening schools he attended from releasing his transcripts and test scores. The Washington Post reported that some of Trump’s wealthy friends from his military school demanded his records from administrators. He tried to hide his transcripts.

The hypocrisy is striking, considering that at the same time, Donald Trump was demanding President Barack Obama’s grades, passport application and birth certificate while he led the racist birther movement.