Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is getting advice from Bill and Hillary Clinton on a road map to the White House, MSNBC reports.

Hickenlooper officially entered the race, touting his successful record both as a two-term governor and a business man. He helped to turn the formerly red state blue. This comes as former Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announced his 2020 presidential bid.

Hickenlooper was on Hillary Clinton’s short list for a running mate during the 2016 presidential election. So, it’s no surprise the couple would give him advice. It should be noted that he is not the only candidate Hillary Clinton has met with.

The Clintons are a huge political force in the Democratic Party for better or worse. Hickenlooper met with the Clintons. That could mean an open door to their vast donor base. Still, there are many Democrats who still support the Clintons and are still salty about Bernie Sanders.

Some people ask whether he has a path to the nomination. He does. There is an argument that some Democrats want a white male to take on Donald Trump. Democrats must have a very honest conversation about what a large part of the party wants. Bernie Sanders is not who we need to take on Trump. They would rip him to shreds as a Socialist, Communist and whatever else they can throw at him. Hickenlooper has a record of accomplishment, which is quite the opposite of Sanders.