Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams says a 2020 presidential bid is “definitely on the table.” She narrowly lost to Brian Kemp last November.

Abrams tweeted:  “In #LeadFromTheOutside, I explore how to be intentional about plans, but flexible enough to adapt. 20 years ago, I never thought I’d be ready to run for POTUS before 2028. But life comes at you fast — as I shared in the Q&A with Yamiche at @SXSW. Now 2020 is definitely on the table.”

Abrams says she wants to make a decision on a 2020 presidential run by late March or early April.

My own personal view of this is it is a noble ambition and I wouldn’t fault her for trying, but it is not clear how she would play on the national stage. It’s virtually unheard of someone going from being a former state legislator directly to win a presidential election. But, given the trainwreck unfolding before our eyes every day with the Trump presidency, anything is possible, but I just don’t see Stacey Abrams being a viable presidential candidate.