AM Joy guest Tiffany Cross says the Mueller report may not sway Donald Trump supporters and the “mythical swing voters” because there’s a “layer of ignorance that we haven’t been able to penetrate.”

Cross, managing editor of The BeatDC, said Sen. Kamala Harris is best positioned in the field of Democratic presidential candidates to make her case about the probe because she was a “formidable prosecutor” and “when you see her in action on the Senate Judiciary committee hearings, she’s amazing.” Harris called for the report be made public, including the underlying documents. She also wants Attorney General William Barr to publicly testify under oath before Congress.

“While we don’t know what’s in the Mueller report but what we do know, there is plenty there. We know that Donald Trump continuously lied to the American people about his financial ties with Russia. He clearly was trying to build Moscow Tower. Kamala Harris could absolutely present that case to the American people, but I don’t think that would sway people.”

“When you look at people who are Trump supporters or the mythical swing voters that I don’t think exist, are solidly in the his camp. We have seen that is a layer of ignorance that cannot be penetrated.” Cross said. “They are not going to change their minds,” she continued.

“When you look at the Republicans, people in Congress have some actions they can take on impeachment, but when you look on the Republican side, we have seen them fail to stand up when he has been an apologist for white supremacy. They didn’t even stand up for their friend John McCain, when Trump insulted an American hero.” “Sen. Harris can present a case a compelling way but it is not going to get her any new voters,” Cross said.