Twitter shreds Betsy DeVos over her plans to cut Special Olympics funds while proposing millions for charter schools. This is another grotesque move from the Trump administration, but isn’t surprising since Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter on the campaign trail.

“DeVos struggled before a congressional subcommittee to defend at least $7,000,000,000 in proposed cuts to education programs, including eliminating all $18,000,000 in federal funding for the Special Olympics,” MSNBC reports.

The Washington Post reports that five Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago would cover her proposed cuts to Special Olympics funds.

“The Education Department budgeted $17,583,000 for the Special Olympics this fiscal year, an amount that obviously exceeds the average American’s annual income.” “It is also an amount that’s about equivalent to the cost of the president’s last five trips to Mar-a-Lago, a period that stretches back to Thanksgiving,” the Washington Post reports.

The backlash was swift and fierce, as it should be….