Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dismisses his millionaire status due to selling a book, saying, “it’s not a crime to write a good book.” Yet he attacked Hillary Clinton over her Wall Street speeches during the 2016 presidential campaign, which wasn’t a crime either.

“I didn’t know that it was a crime to write a good book, which turned out to be a best-seller,” he told a crowd in Gary, Ind.

“I don’t apologize for writing a book that was No. 3 on The New York Times best-seller [list].” He reiterated his view that a “progressive tax system which demands that the wealthiest people in this country finally start paying their fair share in taxes.”

Hillary Clinton was already wealthy when she ran in 2008 and in 2016 but Sanders chose to attack her over her Wall Street speeches. I am pretty sure he didn’t care one iota if people who worked on Wall Street bought his book.

Sanders will release 10 years of his tax returns on Monday, after stonewalling during the 2016 presidential campaign. His wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, was recently cleared following a federal investigation into the collapse of Burlington College.

Sen. Sanders frequently argues that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes. So, since he’s now a millionaire, it will be very interesting to see how much he paid in taxes and what other tax breaks for the wealthy that he took advantage of.