The fallout from the Mueller report continues for Donald Trump and his flunkies, with #ResignSarah trending on Twitter after the report confirmed Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied about the Comey firing.

During a White House press briefing after James Comey’s firing, Huckabee Sanders claimed “countless” FBI agents contacted her at the White House to tell her that they had lost confidence in his performance. She admitted to Robert Mueller’s team that she lied.

Huckabee Sanders was cornered on ABC News on Friday morning about her lie. She claimed she misspoke and isn’t a robot. Well, Twitter users wasted no time dropping the hammer on her, many calling for her resignation.

It turns out comedienne Michelle Wolf was right when she slammed Huckabee Sanders as a liar to her face during the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Reaction on Twitter to #ResignSarah after Mueller Report confirms Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied about the Comey firing: