Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke calls out Donald Trump after he sided with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s attack on Joe Biden: “End these love affairs with dictators. “

O’Rourke tweeted: “Let’s end these love affairs with dictators and strongmen. Now, it’s siding with Kim over someone who’s dedicated his life to public service for this country. But it’s also Putin and MbS. Duterte and el-Sisi. As Trump does this, he turns his back on us, our democracy, our allies.”

Trump debased the office of the presidency during his trip to Japan by siding with Jong Un and attacking Biden’s intelligence, though he misspelled his name in the same tweet — “Bidan.”

Donald Trump is showing his fear of Biden becoming the Democratic presidential nominee. Biden has widespread support among voters in key states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The two are neck-and-neck in a recent Florida poll.

Biden knows how to punch back at Trump. During his campaign kick-off speech, he dismantled Trump, saying he “squanders everything he is given in life” — money from his father to the improved economy from the Obama-Biden administration.