Very Stable Genius Donald Trump starts his day in meltdown mode as Joe Biden plans to rip him to shreds in a speech in Iowa on Tuesday night. Biden is expected to call Trump “an existential threat to America” in a speech that will certainly provoke a response.

Biden will also go after Trump for his ignorance on tariffs. “Trump doesn’t get the basics. He thinks his tariffs are being paid by China. … The cashiers at Target see what’s going on — they know more about economics than Trump.” Axios reports.

Raw Story:  “Did he do anything to signal that he’s prepared to walk away from the thugs he’s embraced on the world stage — from Putin to Kim Jong Un?” Biden will insist. “No. He did none of that. Instead, he gets up in the middle of the night to attack Bette Midler. He attacks the mayor of London. He attacks the American Speaker of the House. It was a stunning display of childishness for the whole world to see.”

Trump, on the other hand, started his day ragetweeting:  “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!” while getting his talking points from Fox & Friends.