TV One commentator Roland Martin shreds Donald Trump Jr. as the “dumbest of all the Trump children” over his birther attack on Sen. Kamala Harris.

Don Jr., who Martin called Fredo, in a reference to Don Corleone’s weak son in The Godfather, retweeted a felon-turned-conservative’s racist hit on Harris. Trump Jr. later deleted the retweet, but many don’t believe it was an accident, as he spokesperson claims. It’s a family thing since his father led the racist birther movement against Barack Obama.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday, host Alex Witt said “Don Jr.’s spokesman said that Don’s tweet was simply asking him if it was true that Kamala Harris was half-Indian because it is not something he had ever heard before.”  “Once he saw folks were misconstruing the intent he quickly deleted it, what do you make of this?” Witt asked.

“Donald Trump Jr. is Fredo.” “And he clearly can’t read a bio. He is probably the dumbest of all the Trump children.”

“But here is the real issue here: the attacks on Senator Kamala Harris blackness really started the moment she announced” her candidacy Martin added. He slammed black Americans who are running with this conspiracy as despicable. Boyce Watkins came under fire for attacking Sen. Harris because she husband is white. He is part of the ADOS movement.