Twitter has a field day after Morning Joe panel lavishes praise over Donald Trump’s D-Day speech: “He read words he didn’t write,” one user tweeted.

Joe Scarborough and his coworker-turned-wife, Mika Brzezinski, lauded Trump’s speech, even saying, “for the first time in his presidency….” You know where they were going with that…picking up on Van Jones’ “he became a president today.”

Former Secretary of State John Kerry gave them a reality check: His speech “is very different from the policies he’s tried to enact.”

David Ignatius even added that Trump was caught up in the moment and didn’t make it about himself. Well, excuse him for staying on message by reading a speech and not setting himself on fire.

The draft-dodging pathological liar got through a speech without setting himself on fire. The bar has been set so low, thanks to people like Joe and Mika, who propped Trump up early in his presidential campaign until they had a falling out.

This comes one week after the military caved to the White House and put a tarpaulin to cover up the name of the USS John McCain so Trump wouldn’t be triggered while on his trip to Japan.

Reaction on Twitter: