Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas now says “I was scared for my life” at a press conference on Monday about the altercation she had with Eric Sparkes at a Publix supermarket.

Thomas initially claimed, in a tearful video that went viral, that Sparkes called her a “lazy son of a bitch,” because she had 15 items in the check-out lane when she should have had 10. She said he told her to go back where she came from.

Sparkes showed up in the parking lot on Saturday while Thomas was there and admitted to calling her a “lazy SOB” but denied telling her to go back to where she came from.

Thomas admitted during a second interview on Saturday that she could not be sure Sparkes told her to go back to your country or go back to where you come from. “I don’t want to say he said, ‘Go back to your country,’ or ‘Go back to where you came from,’” Thomas told the WSB-TV reporter.

Fast-forward to Monday, we have the third version from Thomas, saying he did tell her to go back where she came from and that she was “scared for my life.” She also wants Sparkes charged with a crime.

This is getting ridiculous. Someone is lying. I will leave it at that.