Just days after leaders of the National Cathedral issued a scathing rebuke of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory slammed him as well: “Our faith teaches us that respect for people” is a requirement of “fundamental human dignity.”

Our faith teaches us that respect for people of every race, religion, gender, ethnicity and background are requirements of fundamental human dignity and basic decency,” Gregory told The Catholic Standard.

Comments which dismiss, demean or demonize any of God’s children are destructive of the common good and a denial of our national pledge of “liberty and justice for all,” he continued.

Speech that vilifies or denigrates another is a violation of the humanity of the speaker and those to whom it is directed – and deprives each of us of our God-given dignity. We must reclaim, reshape and refocus the national conversation on how we protect and promote the lives and dignity of all, especially, the least of these,” he said.