2023 Nevada and Placer County Homeless Count Set for January 26, 2023


The Sierra Homeless Resource Council, a collaborative group of agencies and non-profit organizations from Placer and Nevada counties, announced that the Point-of-Time Annual Homeless Count in Nevada and Placer County will take place on January 26, 2023.

“Point-in-Time Counting is an opportunity to engage with our homeless neighbors and gather information to guide ongoing efforts across the county,” said Samuel Holmes, executive director of the Sierra Homeless Resource Council. “We are grateful to our public and private partners in Nevada and Placer Counties as they continue to demonstrate the importance of collaboration not only to plan and deliver this event, but to do whatever is necessary to accommodate each county’s most vulnerable residents.”

The Homeless Count is required to receive funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and is used by government agencies to determine funding amounts for critical programs such as Housing Grants, Homeless Assistance and Prevention (HHAP). Counties are likely to receive more than $3 million this year through state and federal funding streams.

Point-in-time counts are not a comprehensive measure of the homeless population in an area, but rather one-day snapshots that can be used to approximate overall trends. They are generally considered to be underestimated for the total annual number of homeless in a community because many people can move in and out of the homeless during the course of the year.

On January 26, nearly 150 volunteers in Nevada and Placer counties will contact the homeless and conduct a survey. Volunteers for this year’s count are made up of county and city employees, nonprofit workers, and community members, and will be supported by law enforcement from Nevada and Placer county jurisdictions.

A total of 527 people were counted in Nevada County and 750 people were counted in Placer County during the 2022 count.

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