3 Takeaways From Austin School Board Meeting January 12

Raising teachers’ salaries has become a top priority for the Austin School Board as staff opened discussions on the 2023-24 school year budget Thursday night.

Staff, board members and residents have been calling for higher salaries for teachers for months due to employee retention issues.

Austin County staff have proposed a minimum of 5% increase in teachers’ salaries, which would increase the starting salary from $52,191 to $54,801.

Board vice president Kevin Foster wanted a more aggressive approach to salary increases and suggested that the district eventually aim for teachers to receive a $70,000 salary.

“I’m interested in carefully rethinking what has been done in some places across the country,” Foster said. “These are outliers, but it’s possible.”

Board members are also seeking pay increases for campus support staff such as caretakers, bus drivers, and canteen workers.

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