4000 free dresses in the prom closet

Where: St. Andrew United Methodist Church | 1401 Mira Vista Blvd, Plano
When: February 7
, 8, 9, 11 and 13 to 18
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Questions? Call the Prom Closet hotline at 469-385-1810 or email [email protected]

Prom Closet, where you’ll find over 4,000 donated prom dresses, accessories, jewelry, and more… free | Photo courtesy of St. Andrews UMK

“A lot can be done multiple times in a lifetime,” Devra Helfrich muses as one of her volunteers ruffles the skirt of a sunset-colored prom dress displayed on a mannequin. “But prom is a one time thing. We want every girl to have that opportunity.”

Devra is a founding member of Prom Closet, a ministry project at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church that transforms the Smith Worship Center into a magical bazaar of sequins, tulle, satin and rhinestones.

Target? Collect community-donated dresses, jewelry, clutches, and shoes, create boutique shopping experiences from scratch, and open church doors for young women from all over the community, from all walks of life, from all walks of life, so they can each have a chance to be part of the prom .

All for free.

Prom Closet is held at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Plano. Make an appointment online!

Most consider high school graduation to be a typical high school experience; however, not everyone can afford to participate… especially after the last two years. Devra says Prom Closet – an annual operation that serves hundreds of young women thanks to thousands of donations – began in 2009 with a “sweet donation” from the Carrollton School.

“We had about 350 prom dresses and 35 girls in the first year,” Devra said. “We have grown from this to over 4,000 prom dresses and almost 1,400 girls from 251 schools in 2020.”

It is now an annual event with thousands of donations coming from schools, local businesses, churches and community members and even corporations.

Prom Closet gives all girls in the community access to prom dresses and accessories.

Every February, the Smith worship center transforms into an Alice in Wonderland-type pink and purple maze with two main mazes: a maze of dresses and a maze of makeshift wardrobes that the men of the church (fathers with their daughters) put together in their time.

“We built the dressing rooms and turned them into a little boutique,” ​​Devra smiles. “We wanted to create a warm, loving and caring environment for girls to shop for their prom dresses. An opportunity for them to realize their dream evening of attending the prom could come true. We are happy to be a part of this.”

Something as simple as trying on a prom dress can be a dream come true for many girls.

From inventory to locker rooms, the experiences the women of UMC St. Andrew curated for girls and their mothers (or mother figures) mimic the boutique shopping experience, including “personal shoppers.”

The dresses and accessories these girls receive have an impact on more than just the “big night”. Prom Closet organizers and volunteers confirm that not only is the need great, but the impact the dress can have on the girl and her family is immeasurable.

All you have to do to join is register for a timeslot.

How to register and other frequently asked questions

Here’s everything you need to know about attending this year’s Prom Closet… whether it’s your own daughter or someone you know who will be blessed with these lavishly donated prom dresses and accessories.

Who are these free prom dresses for?

It is open to any girl from anywhere in the world. If you live outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can still come if you make an online appointment.

Okay, I signed up. How do we try on things?

The room is decorated like a boutique. Each girl will make an appointment and then she will be greeted by a personal shopper who will help her find dress hangers for her size. After choosing a dress, she can try it on in one of the 20 fitting rooms. She then visits the boutique looking for jewelry, shoes, a handbag, and a headscarf.

What are the sizes of prom dresses at Prom Closet?

Donated dresses range from size 0 to size 30. Shoes also cover a range of sizes, from shoe size 3 to shoe size 11. New donations are coming in all the time!

Can I donate prom dresses and accessories myself?

Of course! The Graduation Closet still accepts donations of dresses (sizes 0-30), jewelry, shoes, bags, and wraps. Drop off times are as follows:

  • Monday-Wednesday, 8:30-20:30
  • *Thursday, 8:30-14:00 and 18:00-20:30
  • Friday, 8:30-noon
  • *Saturday, noon-13:00
    *Food distribution, parking and building access can be difficult these days.

Use the north entrance door located next to the north parking lot, 1401 Mira Vista.

An Amazon link is available for anyone who wants to help by purchasing items that will be delivered directly to the church. To view items available for purchase, click here.

Volunteers form the backbone of Prom Closet. YOU can join them!

Are volunteers needed?

You bet they are! Volunteer registration is open today. You can register by filling out this form.

Prom Closet relies on volunteers for a variety of roles, all levels of physical ability, including front desk and checkout, personal shoppers, fitting room assistants, and members of the setup and teardown crew.

Volunteers on shopping days must be of legal age. All adult volunteers must complete a background check. After registering, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours asking you to complete a background check.

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