Abandoned guinea pigs found along I-35 in Austin.

Austin (KXAN) — An Austin nonprofit is asking for help from the public after dozens of guinea pigs were abandoned along the Interstate 35 corridor.

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue told KXAN that the organization often receives reports of animals in need of rescue and rehabilitation. Abandoned guinea pigs have been found along I-35 and under highway bridges, in toilets in city parks, and as far north as Round Rock and as far south as Buda.

“We get calls every week to catch and rescue animals in desperate need of help, suffering from infection, and many have health problems because they are satin breed animals (which have something called satin syndrome),” she said. Elisabeth Frisch, President of AGPR. , in an email.

Frisch said the organization suspects a guinea pig breeder is behind the large number of stray animals. The AGPR is asking members of the public to monitor the animals in these areas and help capture and hold the guinea pigs until the AGPR can intervene.

They also asked anyone behind the stray animals to contact AGPR and turn in all their animals “no questions asked.”

AGPR can be contacted at (512) 648-6536, Facebook, or email [email protected]

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