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Advice to consider buying a drug analyzer

Herald-Banner staff report

The Greenville City Council will consider purchasing a TruNarc handheld drug analyzer for the police department this evening, as well as equipment related to a communications center upgrade.

The next meeting starts at 18:00 in the Municipal building.

In its current form, the Greenville Police Department does not conduct field drug testing due to the growing use of the drug fentanyl and the dangers it poses to officers, according to a memo from Chief Chris Smith as the backdrop for an agenda item.

Suspected drugs are now being transported to the Department of Public Safety lab in Tyler, where they are analyzed. According to Smith’s memo, this increases the time it takes to prosecute.

According to the police department, TruNarc can be used to test for 498 substances without removing them from the package, and the results are admissible in court.

The cost of TruNarc is $31,804 and will be paid for by the Governor’s Office.

In addition, the council will consider purchasing $108,662 in equipment for upgrades that will coincide with the replacement of the city’s radio communications system.

The equipment considered for purchase will replace dispatchers’ workplaces, chairs, computers and auxiliary equipment, according to the agenda of the meeting.

The proposed purchase will provide more efficient use of existing space, improved ergonomic workspaces, individual settings for each dispatcher, and an improved monitor array for more efficient workflow in line with the meeting agenda. Equipment will be purchased from ThermoFisher Scientific.

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