Bastrop ISD teen arrested for carrying guns on Manor ISD campus

ESTATE, TX (KXAN) — A teenager was arrested Tuesday after a gun was found on the Manor ISD campus, according to Manor ISD Police Chief Clarence Yarbrough.

According to a letter that was sent to the Manor ISD community, a group of non-Manor ISD students in a pickup truck were seen on the grounds of Manor High/Manor Early College and got into a verbal altercation with several Manor ISD students.

The letter said Manor High School administrators, campus police and security personnel immediately de-escalated the situation and took the students back to the school.

Yarbrough said three students from Elgin ISD and two students from Bastrop ISD were passengers in the pickup truck and were each charged with trespassing. The driver was also fined for violating traffic rules.

The letter says that during a search of a pickup truck, a handgun was found in possession of a 17-year-old ISD student, Bastrop.

Read the email sent to the Manor ISD community below:

January 11, 2023

Dear Manor ISD community,

Yesterday, January 10, 2023, Manor ISD police arrested one non-Manor ISD member for a gun violation near the parking lot of Manor High/Manor Early College.

In the afternoon, a group of non-Manor ISD students in a truck were seen on the grounds of Manor High/Manor Early College engaging in a verbal altercation with several students on foot at Manor High School.

The Manor High School administration, campus police, and security personnel immediately stopped the escalation of the clash and brought Manor High School students to the campus office for safety.

I happened to be on campus at the time of the incident and followed the truck for a short distance before the car stopped in front of the campus.

The truck was driven by an adult driver and the passengers were 3 ISD students Elgin and 2 ISD students Bastrop.

Each person in the vehicle was issued a criminal warning. The driver was fined for violating traffic rules.

During a traffic stop, a search was made in the car, as a result of which a gun was found. The gun belonged to one of the passengers, a 17-year-old student from Bastrop ISD. The gun was confiscated and the man arrested.

Thanks to the actions of the school administration and law enforcement agencies of the district, a potentially critical and tragic situation was avoided.

It is important that parents, the community and schools work together to keep our children safe. This incident was initiated off campus through social media and text messages. Parents should remain vigilant and aware of their children’s social media/online activity, their location and who they interact with.

As a reminder: “If you see something, say something.” The Manor ISD Police Dispatcher can be contacted at 512-278-4398. You can also send anonymous tips through the Manor ISD tip line.


Chief Clarence Yarbrough

Manor of the ISD chief of police

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