Behind the scenes commercial for Tito’s handmade vodka starring Martha Stewart

Dry January has a new face this year: DIY icon Martha Stewart.

The lifestyle connoisseur starred in an ad campaign for Austin-based liquor brand Tito’s Handmade Vodka. In a one-minute video released this week, Stewart shows off some ironic housekeeping tips, all ways of drinking vodka that don’t require drinking it. She puts it in pasta, puts some in a pair of smelly shoes, and pours it into a vase of flowers for freshness. (Our favorite part of the commercial is when Stuart uses a bottle of vodka to tenderize a piece of meat.)

“It smells like February,” she says at the end of the video, smelling the flowers.

Taylor Berry, vice president of brand marketing at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, told American-Statesman via email that the idea took many forms before the final publicity. It all started with a brainstorming session with creative agency Arts and Letters. The company wanted to capitalize on the “Dry January” trend (when people use the first month of the year as a break from alcohol, presumably after the holiday season full of booze) and looked for alternative uses for their product.

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