Buddy Check Day, reminding veterans to connect with other veterans.

Veterans are encouraged to call, text, visit and check in with other veterans.

The 11th day of every month is Friend Check-In Day to remind Texas veterans to meet other veterans. By interacting with others, veterans can enjoy camaraderie, check on each other’s well-being, and connect another veteran to a service they can use.

Buddy Check can be as simple as picking up the phone, just talking, writing or visiting.

“Of course, it’s better to check each other more often; but sometimes we forget. So set an alarm and schedule a reminder for the 11th day of each month as Buddy Check Day,” said Laura Kerner, chair of the Texas Veterans Commission and US Navy veteran.

The 11th day of every month is Friend Check-In Day to remind Texas veterans to meet other veterans.(Texas Veterans Commission)

Veterans looking to expand their social circle or interested in services may be interested in the following:

  • Veterans looking for a colleague to connect with can find one through the Military Veterans Network (MVPN). Communication with colleagues is helpful, and they know the resources and services in their field. Find an MVPN near your region at https://www.milvetpeer.net/page/custompage_map. Interested in volunteering as peers, visit milvetpeer.net
  • The Texas Veterans Network is a network of hundreds of community organizations and state agencies that provide comprehensive services to veterans and the military community. Connect to the Texas Veterans Network through Combined Arms https://www.combinedarms.us/tvn or Unite Texas https://texas.uniteus.com/veterans-network/
  • Veterans can connect with other veterans and get help with VA disability claims and medical care from the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) at tvc.texas.gov. In addition, TVC offers programs and services for employment, education, and entrepreneurship across the state, as well as a network of women veterans.

Help for veterans starts here. The Texas Veterans Commission stands for veterans and provides them with excellent services that will greatly improve the quality of life for all Texas veterans, their families, and survivors. TVC assists veterans in obtaining their benefits, funds agencies that provide direct services to veterans, and administers educational benefits under the Hazelwood Act. Learn more at www.tvc.texas.gov.

Special thanks to Advanced Pain Care for supporting this initiative on TV and online platforms in the Central Texas area.

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