Buyer of ‘The Goonies’ House Reveals Identity and Future Plans for Home

A 1985 movie superfan bought a Victorian-era house in Astoria, Oregon. He says his number one priority is to preserve the iconic home.

ASTORIA, Oregon. The Goonies superfan is soon shuffling truffles into his new home: the iconic white Victorian house on the hill in Astoria, Oregon, where the 1985 cult classic film was filmed.

Behman Zachary, a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” said he achieved a childhood dream when he bought a house for just over $1.65 million.

As a self-proclaimed “Stooge”, he said his first priority was to ensure that the house Never say “die.

“The reason I’m buying it is for the community,” Zachary said. “Someone has to be the caretaker, someone has to save the landmark. Someone needs to keep it original and not demotivate.”

The Goonies character Mikey Walsh, played by Sean Astin, lived in the house in the film. In Steven Spielberg’s film, Walsh and his fellow Goonies find a treasure map in the attic and go on a treasure hunt through a tunnel in the house’s basement while evading a dangerous group of criminals who want the loot for themselves.

“I told the agent that if I get together with Steven Spielberg, Sean Astin or anyone else, I’ll get out!” Zachary said.

The house, which is located in a residential area in the coastal city of Astoria, Oregon, has been attracting film fans for years. Its new owner hopes to keep it accessible for tourists who want to visit.

“Stoonies are welcome,” Zachary said. He said he had no problem with fans taking selfies on the hotel grounds – he himself was once one – and only asked that they be respectful of the surrounding areas.

Popularity with tourists was at times a sore point for the previous owner of the house. After the film’s 30th anniversary drew up to 1,500 visitors a day to the house, the owner temporarily covered the house with a tarp and put up “No Trespassing” signs to prevent tourists from approaching the house. She later reopened the house to the public. The city of Astoria has also implemented strict parking fines in non-parking areas due to the large number of tourists.

Zachary, who lives in the Kansas City area, has no plans to live in the house permanently.

Astoria’s recent ban on short-term rentals, like Airbnbs, means the Goonies’ home won’t be available for holiday rentals to tourists, but Zachary hasn’t ruled out long-term rentals.

“I think the key is that even if someone rents it, they recognize that part of life in the Goon house is accommodating traffic,” he added.

What good is it to live in your childhood dream home if you can’t share it with your childhood best friend? Initially planning to share the Goonies’ home with his childhood friend and neighbor Michael Eakin, they stumble upon the gold when they learn that the house next door is also up for sale. Three decades later, friends will be neighbors again.

“I said, ‘Hey Mikey, how about I buy the Goon house and you buy the house next door?’ and he’s like, “Done.”

Spielberg has yet to call about a sequel, but Zachary said he would like Hollywood to use the house in the future.

“Call me,” Zachary said. “Let’s do that”.

The house’s official closing date on Wednesday comes just hours after actor Ke Hui Quan, who played Data in The Stooges, won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for “Everywhere, All At Once.” After the awards ceremony, he recalled how over the past 30 years there have been “lots of scripts” for The Goonies 2. and it remains “open” for the character to revisit.

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