Central Texas family completes pandemic treehouse project

WACO, TX (KWTX) — The Waco family has finally completed a two-year project to build a multistory treehouse from scratch after they decided to build it during the onset of the pandemic.

The project began when the Hetland family was locked inside during the onset of the pandemic. Robbie Hetland said he had a lot of free time during the period when events and sports were cancelled.

Hetland said that about a month after the start of the pandemic, the idea of ​​building a tree house came back to him.

“I said okay, it’s on,” he said. “We’re going to build a treehouse.”

After being inspired by a close friend, he shared the idea with his family.

“I was shocked because when we got married he didn’t know what it was, didn’t know what a nail in the wall was,” said Hetland’s wife, Daniella Hetland. “Then I realized that he is the kind of guy who is persistent and works hard and plays a lot, and he definitely understood that.”

His children, Ellianna and Asher Hetland, were excited and shocked at the idea.

“I thought it was crazy that it wouldn’t actually happen,” Asher said.

“It was the most exciting because I always wanted a tree house,” said Ellianna.

Robbie then put together his family’s treehouse wish lists and began his plan to build an elaborate treehouse. He said he did a lot of research, as well as built models, made plans, and watched a lot of YouTube videos.

Robbie set to work with his family and friends, and over two years later the treehouse was complete.

“It’s definitely a process, but I think the process is part of the fun,” he said. “It was just fun together. It’s something we get in different parts of the project to have kids step in and help out when we’re learning together, which is cool. I hope it’s fun for many generations.”

Robbie has officially kicked off the full Hetland Treehouse tour in a YouTube video which can be found here or on his Robbie Hetland Builds channel.

The tree house consists of two towers: the main and higher. There is electricity, an exhaust system and secret passages. It has bunk beds, observation decks and stairs. The tree house is built into a large tree in their backyard.

He said he was very grateful to his family and friends who helped him along the way. He said it took a lot of dedication, hanging from trees and determination, but he and his family are happy to enjoy it now.

“I think it’s time to enjoy the trio after two and a half years of making it,” said Robbie. “So it was fun when they had sleepovers and adults could come and enjoy it for all sizes too.”

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