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Child injured in school bus shooting

Police said someone fired a projectile at a school bus on Monday.

Police investigate school bus shooting with air rifle (Abilene Police Department)

EBILEN, Texas – At least one child was injured after someone shot at a school bus with an “air pistol type air pistol” in Abilene.

Abilene Police Department said 25 children were on the bus home just after 4:00 pm on Monday when “some kind of projectile” hit the bus.

According to police, the children told the driver that at least one student was injured after hitting the glass. The child received minor injuries.

The driver reportedly stopped at a regular bus stop, where the children were dropped off and reunited with family members.

Abilene police said two minors in the area were questioned about the incident, but it is not clear if they were responsible for the bus shooting.

Police believe it was an isolated incident.

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