Coast Guard delays Mexican fishermen’s catch of red snapper

Corpus Christie, Texas (Central Valley) — The US Coast Guard intercepted a Mexican crew near South Padre Island after fishermen were seen illegally fishing in US federal waters.

On Tuesday, Coast Guard airfield crew from Corpus Christi Station spotted four fishermen illegally fishing in lunch about one mile north of the Maritime Boundary Line, near the shore of the Rio Grande Valley.

Coast Guard Corpus Christi

Coast Guard describes lunch as a fishing boat used by Mexican fishermen, it is approximately 20-30 feet long with a thin profile, has a single outboard motor, and is capable of traveling over 30 miles per hour.

“Lunches are often used to transport illegal drugs in the US and illegal fishing in the United States,” the Coast Guard said.

When the crews contacted the fishermen, they seized 66 pounds of red snapper, fishing tackle, GPS and lunch.

Coast Guard Corpus Christi

The fishermen were detained by the Coast Guard and brought back to shore, where they were handed over to US Customs and Border Protection.

“Illegal fishing undermines our nation’s sovereignty, threatens our economic security, and harms the sustainability of living marine resources,” said Kenneth Naranjo, Corpus Christi sector commander on duty. “Combatting illegal fishing continues to be a vital task for our Coast Guard and partner agency crews throughout south Texas.”

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