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College Station police arrest man accused of elder fraud

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX). College Station employee accused of scamming senior via text messages.

Police say John Leonard Civille, 37, sent a text message to the 82-year-old victim from a number he created on a mobile phone app that was one digit different from a number belonging to one of the victim’s friends.

Police say that Sivill sent text messages to the victim at the spam number and asked several times to borrow a total of $1,400. The victim agreed because he thought he was talking to his friend.

It wasn’t until the victim later got on the phone with his real friend that he found out he had been scammed and was the victim of a scam.

It took the police several months to gather evidence against Sibyl, but it is not clear exactly how he got the real number belonging to the victim’s friend.

Civil was arrested and charged with stealing property from an elderly man.

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