Commissioners adjust limits for solar farms

After three proposed development projects failed to materialize, the Hunt County Commissioners’ Court gave them a little more time to get started.

During their first regular session on Tuesday, commission members approved changes to previously adopted tax cut agreements for three planned solar farms.

“This is a request to extend the launch dates for three small solar farms,” Hunt County Attorney Daniel Wray said, adding that the projects are among the smallest of several farms proposed in the county. “These are one-two megawatt farms.”

Projects included Caddo Mills Solar LLC, Wieland Solar LLC, and Lone Oak Solar LLC, which Ray said were due to be completed.

“Due to COVID and the impact on the supply chain and workforce, these projects that were approved some time ago were not started or completed in time to receive the full value of the tax credits,” Ray said.

Improvements under the agreements include the construction of value-added solar power distribution facilities of approximately $1.6 million for each Caddo Mills and Wieland Solar Reinvestment Zone and $800,000 for the Lone Oak Solar Reinvestment Zone.

Ray said that the total amount for discounts has not changed.

“They are still at 50% for five years, the same amount we give to all solar farms,” Ray said.

The members of the commission voted unanimously to adjust the new start dates for each project in accordance with the discounts as of January 1, 2023.

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