Company Names: January 13-20, 2023

Suggested names registered in Smith County:

James F. Crouse is in business as a solar energy consultant for Jaime Kraus.

Sefora Deleon Medina doing business as Medina Cleaning Service

Glenda Gale White does business like a schnauzer

Paul Joseph Gois does business as Texas Tactical Defense

Davey Hernandez Rodriguez is in business as Rodriguez Design Landscape & Lawncare

Mason Gregory Hershman runs a business called Three Arrows Moving Co.

Edna Verenis Espitia is in business as Espitia’s cleaning service.

Latrena Denise Bagley does business as LDB Consulting Resources

Tianna Capri Harvey Doing Business as Treasures By Tianna

Andrea Crawford doing business as One Stop Fire Works

Dominic Crawford does business as C3 Kings Inc.

Michael Wayne Wise doing business as Family Auto Care

José Luis doing business as Landaverde Carports Installations

Felipe De Jesus Villagomez Lara doing business as Brothers Lawncare

Anita Frances Rush doing business as East Texas NPI

Brianna Rachel Watson Ballard does business as Southern Cross Equine Services

Simmon Blaylock McNeil doing business as Blaylock BBQ

Marcos Antonio Leal does business as Marcs Mechanics

Marshal Barrett doing business as Barrelogix

Tara Latonia Cooper operates under the name Coop’s Tyme

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