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JONESBOROW — Statewide new coronavirus cases dropped another 25 percent last week, but some counties in northeast Arkansas saw increases, the Sun’s review of the Arkansas Department of Health’s daily reports showed.

The Health Department reported 2,231 new cases between January 16 and Sunday, up from 2,989 the previous week.

The 193 new cases in Craighead County during this period represent a 2.5 percent decrease. However, only Pulaski County (258) and Washington County (213) had more new cases than Craighead.

Clay, Greene, and Mississippi counties saw significant increases in new cases. With 96 new cases, Green County saw a 46 percent jump and Mississippi County, with 50 cases, jumped 31.6 percent from the previous week. Clay County, the least populous county in the region, grew 50 percent.

Last week, the state reported 29 COVID-related deaths, including two in Green County and one each in Lawrence and Mississippi counties. Last week, 38 people died in Arkansas.

Hospitals across the state are also reporting fewer COVID-related hospitalizations on Sunday, from 312 weeks earlier to 264. Hospitalizations in the Northeast region are down to 48, down 10.

COVID-19 cases in Northeast Arkansas by county, January 16 through Sunday:

Craighead – 193 new cases (down 5 from the previous week); 400 active cases (increase by 9); A total of 379 virus-related deaths (unchanged).

Green, 96 new cases (an increase of 29); 147 active cases (up 5); 192 deaths (up 2).

Lawrence – 14 new cases (down 3); 36 active cases (down 6); 89 deaths (increase by 1).

Poinsette, 42 new cases (down 15); 98 active cases (up 2); 138 deaths (unchanged).

Jackson, 7 new cases (down 6); 17 active cases (down 25); 74 deaths (no change).

Mississippi – 50 new cases (up 12); 87 active cases (unchanged); 74 deaths (no change).

Randolph, 12 new cases (down 9); 31 active cases (down 1); 103 deaths (no change).

Cross – 4 new buildings (reduction by 2); 9 active cases (down 6); 100 deaths (no change).

Clay – 36 new boxes (increase by 12); 59 active cases (up 12); 100 deaths (no change).

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