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Cruz wants new classified documents found in Biden’s Senate records and refers to him as “Mr. Jones.” Magoo’

WASHINGTON – Mocks Joe Biden by calling him “Mr. Magoo,” Senator Ted Cruz demanded that the FBI check old records of the President’s Senate after more classified documents surfaced at his Delaware home.

It’s a huge find: In June 2012, Biden donated 33 pallets of 1,875 boxes to the University of Delaware. The collection from his 36-year career in the Senate includes 415 gigabytes of electronic records.

“I’m calling on the DOJ and the FBI right now to examine all 1,850 boxes…to find out how many additional classified documents are contained in these records,” Cruz said on his podcast. “The answer should be no. But, given the Biden model, we should have no reason to be sure that “a few classified documents will not be found.”

On Tuesday, when asked about Cruz’s claim, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the request to the White House attorney’s office, where spokesman Ian Sams referred to a comment he made to reporters on Monday.

“In regards to searches, possible searches and things like that, I’m not going to be ahead of the curve with any decisions…but we are fully cooperating with the Justice Department,” he said.

As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Biden had regular access to classified documents.

The driveway to President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, is seen from a press van on January 13, 2023. Biden’s decision to allow the FBI to search his Delaware home caused him new embarrassment after the discovery of classified documents. in his home and former office. But it was part of a legal and political calculation that aides say will pay off in the long run.(Carolyn Custer / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Nearly all of the classified documents found so far — in the office of the University of Pennsylvania think tank in Washington and three sets from Biden’s garage in Wilmington — came from his eight years as vice president. But half a dozen documents found Friday in Wilmington date back to his Senate years.

“Joe Biden is Mr. Magoo,” Cruz said, referring to the bumbling, myopic toon mogul voiced in the 1960 television series by Jim Backus, who later played Thurston Howell III in Gilligan’s Island.

“Joe Biden is as slow-witted as any other president we have seen. But even a dumb-headed – My God, is there a place where this person did not leave secret documents? Cruz said. “He sticks it in his Corvette. He pins it up in the room next to his Corvette… He pins it up in Penn’s library… It’s the Keystone Cops.

Tuesday’s revelations that classified documents had been found at the home of Trump Vice President Mike Pence in Indiana were a huge gift to the Biden White House after days of fighting to quell the unrest.

“If ten years from now, public relations and communications courses aren’t being taught these last couple of weeks, I’ll be surprised,” Cruz said. “The White House couldn’t have handled it worse.”

As more documents emerged, conservatives accused Biden of being cavalier in handling classified material.

Democrats have responded by poking fun at Republicans, contrasting their outrage over Biden’s documents, which he and his lawyers promptly reported to the National Archives and the Justice Department, with their lack of public concern over former President Donald Trump’s refusal to turn over a much larger cache of classified documents. .

However, Cruz accused the Biden team of hypocrisy. He singled out White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Though reporters and guerrillas, they smell blood in the water. These are sharks. And they are upset. Because what she says now every day is wrong,” Cruz said. “Either she has no idea what she’s talking about, or she’s actively involved in the cover-up.”

“Why is Biden going to the beach house?” Cruz said, recalling last week’s inquiry about why the president spends his weekends in Rehoboth Beach and not in Wilmington. “Oh, no reason, just thought the beach would be nice – not like G-Men raiding the president’s house as we speak,” Cruz added, rethinking Jean-Pierre’s response.

“The house is on fire,” he said.

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