Does the state of Missouri require American made flags to be purchased for the state government?


Springfield, Missouri (KY3). Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will sign the flag bill tomorrow (Thursday, January 26, 2023). This would require flags purchased with Arkansas government money to be made in the United States. A state representative from Yaleville, Arkansas sponsored the flag bill. This is House Bill 1023. It quickly moved from the House to the Arkansas Senate after it was introduced.

This prompted a question from a viewer on the Missouri side of the border. Does Missouri require flags purchased with taxpayer money to be made in the US?

Minnesota appears to have been one of the first in the country to pass such a law in 2007. He required that all American flags sold in the North Star State be made in the United States.

According to the Jacksonville newspaper, there was a lot of controversy in Florida in 2015 on this topic. Some Republicans appear to have opposed the requirement due to its anti-competitive nature. But it was passed after other lawmakers said taxpayer money should not be spent on flags made in other countries such as China.

At the federal level, a coalition of Democrats and Republicans introduced a similar requirement for the purchase of American-made flags.

So what about Missouri? The Missouri law was passed by the legislature in August 2008. It simply states that any Missouri flag or the American flag flying on public property located in Missouri must be made in the United States of America.

Does Missouri require flags purchased with taxpayer money to be made in the US? Yes.

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