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Dreams Explained: What it Means When You Dream About These 4 Things

Our dreams are a true thing of beauty. Are they a glimpse into our unconscious desires? Our brain’s way of working hard to interpret the day’s activities or doubling as an internal SD card? Or are they an evolutionary defense mechanism to protect us from unseen threats?

No matter what your belief behind the act of dreaming is, it’s undeniable that understanding them means understanding yourself. Which is where things get fun!

To help you get a glimpse as to what your psyche is up to, today we’ll be taking a look at what it means to dream about certain things. And since our dreams take place in the land of Zzzz, all of our dream topics will be focused around the letter Z.

Dreams About Zits

Dreaming about zits aren’t reserved for hormone-riddled teenagers and dermatologists who need to stop bringing work home with them. Anyone can dream about zits and for the most part the meaning of zit dreams remains the same no matter who the dreamer is.

What it Means to Dream that You Have Zits

Zit dreams are usually indicative of insecurities relating to our self-esteem, self-image and overall level of self-worth. These dreams could mean that you’re in a situation in which you feel uncomfortable or that you need to become well versed in the art of practicing self-love.

What it Means to Dream that You’re Popping Zits

Unless you watch a questionable amount of Doctor Pimple Popper episodes, popping zits in your dreams represents dealing with and expressing negative emotions. Depending on the size of the zit in question, such dreams could also mean that you’re ready to make important changes in your life.

What it Means to Dream About Other People Having Zits

Dreaming about zits appearing on the faces of other people symbolizes relationships. In a family setting, this type of dream implies that familiar relationships are strengthening. In a friend setting, if other people have pimples it’s a reminder to rely on yourself before handing your problems over to others.

Dreams About Zombies

Have you been having dreams about zombies lately? Before some of you get excited and think that your subconscious is preparing you to live out your apocalyptic fantasies, you might want to discover what dreams about zombies actually mean. Unfortunately, depending on the context of the dream, the actual meaning behind such dreams isn’t as cool as doomsday prepping.

What it Means to Dream that YOU are a Zombie

Do your dreams about zombies typically feature you as the main star? The reason behind this could be cause for concern. Dreaming that you are a zombie indicates one of two things: you feel dead inside or you’re subconsciously distancing yourself from your life—and the people in it.

What it Means to Dream that Someone else is a Zombie

If someone else takes center stage in your zombie-ridden dreamland, you may want to do a spot of soul searching to determine your feelings around this person. Dreaming that somebody is a zombie suggests that your feelings for this person are dead and that no emotional attachment is present.

What it Means to Dream that You are Being Attacked by Zombies

Dreaming that you’re being attacked by zombies is quite common. The reason behind many zombie warfare dreams is simple: you’re under an immense amount of stress and feel overwhelmed because of it.

What it Means to Dream that You Ate a Zombie

If your dreams about zombies involve you eating their dead rotting flesh then there’s a chance that you are holding onto a relationship that is, for all intent and purposes, dead. Either that or you seriously need to cut back on your Dying Light gameplay.

Dreams About Zoos

Is a zoo often the backset to your dreams? Do you dream that you are a zookeeper? Or do you have weird and wonderful dreams of zoomorphism? Either way, dreams about zoos are nothing short of fascinating. Here’s why.

What it Means to Dream You’re in a Zoo

Dreams that are set in zoos rarely mean anything good. To dream that you are in a zoo implies that you’re experiencing a deep loss of freedom and you feel caged in by your surroundings. Another interpretation of zoo dreams could be that you feel as though your talents aren’t being noticed.

What it Means to Dream You are a Zookeeper

If you boast the job title of zookeeper in your dreams, it means that you need to focus on R&R. Depending on your personal circumstances, being a dream-land zookeeper represents either that you feel that those around you are immature or that you’re feeling out of control in certain areas of your own life.

What it Means to Dream about Zoomorphism

The significance of zoomorphism dreams is twofold. You need to consider both the meaning of the dream as well as the animal you morph into. At a basic level, zoomorphism dreams indicate that:

  • Your sexual desires must be satisfied
  • You’re on the road to freedom from a certain situation
  • Now is the time to express yourself creatively
  • Transformation is coming

The most common animal forms for dreamers to take up are those of dogs, cats, horses, snakes and spiders.

Dreams About Zucchinis

No, you don’t dream about zucchinis because you went to bed hungry. The real reasons behind zucchini dreams are much more interesting! What’s even more interesting than the sheer fact that you’re dreaming about zucchinis is that the meaning of zucchini dreams differs according to how they appear in your dreams.

What it Means to Dream about Eating Zucchinis

In a modern-day context, zucchinis are a phallic symbol so it should come as no surprise that a dream in which you consume zucchini is deeply rooted in your sex life. In other words, if you frequently dream of chomping down on some zucchini your sexual appetite is craving satisfaction.

What it Means to Dream about Cooking Zucchinis

Ready to read something that will probably shock you to your core? The interpretation of zucchini-cooking dreams is linked to babies. A common interpretation of the act of cooking zucchinis in the kitchen of your dreams is that someone is pregnant—either you or a close relative.

What it Means to Dream about Growing Zucchinis

Dreaming about growing zucchinis typically means one of two things. It could mean that you’re experiencing little to no recognition in your professional life and it’s time to seek new employment at an establishment that will appreciate your work ethic. Or it could mean that happy times lie ahead for your family.

Final Thoughts

Are you concerned, worried or downright horrified about what the real meanings of your dreams are? Or did finding out what your subconscious is up to leave you laughing, chuckling or having stern discussions with the reflection in the mirror?

Before you book yourself into a mental health facility, quit your job or start severing your relationships our advice to you is this: keep a dream journal. The moment you wake up, scribble down whatever you can remember about your dreams and, if the weird ones persist, take action in the waking world.

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