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East Texas crisis center closes emergency shelter due to flooding and burst pipes

Due to flood damage during a recent freeze, the East Texas Crisis Center has closed its doors for emergency assistance until further notice.

Jeremy Flowers, director of marketing and public relations for the crisis center, said the shelter was damaged twice, on December 21 and 24.

The first damage occurred in one wing of the shelter, where a pipe from the shelter’s sprinkler system burst, flooding the corridors near the families’ bedrooms.

After families were relocated due to flooding, the shelter suffered more damage on Christmas Eve next to the areas where the families lived.

“We moved families to other alternative locations and we had to close the shelter,” Flowers said.

After families were relocated, the ETX Crisis Center began repairing and repainting water-damaged walls.

“Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time frame for how long this will take. Now we hope that this will happen quickly, and we will be able to provide security and shelter for women and their children as soon as possible, ”Flowers said.

Although the crisis center is closed, the 24-hour hotline is still open and available for calls. Flowers said personal counseling services, support groups and advocacy services are still in operation.

“Our services are still available, we just can’t provide asylum to anyone at this time,” he said. “I continue to encourage people to call our hotline and our lawyers will be able to give the referral that is best for their situation.”

As for the cost to fix the damage, Flowers said the estimated cost is currently unknown due to uncertainty about the amount of repairs needed.

Flowers said those wondering when the shelter will reopen can follow updates on social media or call the daytime number 903-509-2526 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm or the 24-hour emergency hotline at 903- 595-5591.

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