Elon Musk testifies in defense of Tesla buyout tweets

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Elon Musk appeared as a witness Friday to defend a 2018 tweet alleging that he arranged funding to take Tesla private in a deal that was never close to going through.

The tweet led to a $40 million settlement with securities regulators. It also led to a class action lawsuit alleging that he misled investors by subpoenaing him for about half an hour on Friday to testify under oath before a nine-member jury and a full house of media representatives and other viewers.

The trial was then adjourned over the weekend and Musk was told to return on Monday to answer more questions.

In his first booth appearance, Musk defended his many tweets as “the most democratic way” to spread the word, although accepting Twitter’s 240-character limit may make it difficult to be as clear as possible.

“I think you can be absolutely truthful (on Twitter),” Musk said at the booth. “But can you be exhaustive? Of course not,” Musk said.

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