Everything is better here! HEB Named Most Trusted Store in Recent Survey

WACO, TX (KWTX) – According to a recent study by BrandSpark International, HEB was named the most reliable.

The company polled 10,082 Americans to find out their real opinion about which grocery stores they trust the most in its study released Jan. 4.

“Trust Leaders were identified across 8 store formats nationally and across four major regions and 36 key features, as well as the top 5 grocery retail chains nationally,” the company said in a statement.

According to their findings, HEB is the most trusted for affordability along with Aldi and Walmart. The Texas store chain also proved to be the strongest for branded/private label products, delivering the freshest produce, the most valuable promotional material, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.

Wal-Mart took first place in delivery and Amazon Fresh took first place in delivery.

Trust plays an integral role in deciding where to shop, especially in these challenging inflationary times, the company says.

“This is an important moment for retailers to build consumer trust, and they can do so by communicating why they are trusted and how they plan to help Americans do so,” says Adam Bellisario.

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