FACTS: Biden administration does not ban gas stoves

The Biden administration came under fire this week over trumped-up concerns that it is planning a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

The statement was prompted by comments released by a Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman on Monday that “every option is being considered” when it comes to regulating gas stoves, amid growing concerns about the health of the appliances. In the days that followed, images of the government pulling four-burner stoves from homes were discussed online, as social media users shared memes about gas stoves with text like “Don’t step on me.”

“I will NEVER give away my gas stove. If the White House maniacs come for my stove, they can rip it out of my cold, dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!!” Conservative Texas Republican Party member Ronnie Jackson said on Twitter Tuesday.

But officials assure that nothing threatens people’s kitchen appliances. Here’s a closer look at the facts.

CLAIM: The Biden administration plans to ban gas stoves nationwide.

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