Fayetteville officers clear a road to help a veteran


Corporal McKinney and Officer Boyd made one veteran’s day a little easier by clearing a path for him to get to his mailbox!

FAYETVILLE, Arkansas. A Fayetteville veteran can access his mailbox thanks to two helpful cops!

After a winter storm brought snow to Northwest Arkansas and the river valley overnight, most roads and sidewalks were covered with inches of wet, slushy snow.

Corporal Julia McKinney and Officer Trevon Boyd of the Fayetteville Police Department (FPD) were able to help a local World War II veteran get to his mailbox safely by shoveling snow covering his path.

According to the PPD, this morning the officers were able to provide assistance to the veteran.

Officer Boyd volunteered to do a good deed with his superior, which he says police officers do every day for their community.

“Especially here at the Fayetteville Police Department, we have a lot of guys and girls who just want to help people. We are here for this. So hopefully they feel more comfortable with us, call us if they need help, or no matter how big or small the help, we’ll be there.”

Officer Boyd added that the police are always happy to help and call them if you know someone who needs help, especially in inclement weather.

Officer T. Boyd, along with Corporal J. McKinney, cleared a path this morning for a local World War II veteran to safely walk to his mailbox.

Published by the Fayetteville Arkansas Police Department on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

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