Frisco Threads collects clothes for ISD students

When students have the right clothes, they can focus more on their studies and less on self-esteem, which is why volunteers at the Frisco Independent School District opened a wardrobe for student clothes.

Frisco Threads, operated by the Frisco ISD Board of Parents, accepts donations one day a week and has a shopping day the other day of the week.

Mike Waldrip, County Superintendent, spoke about the organization in a What’s Up, Waldrip video that was included in the December 20 online bulletin.

“Our mission at Frisco ISD is to know each student by name and need. It often takes more than schools, teachers and administrators to accomplish this mission,” Waldrip said in the video.

Terri Palmer, president of the Frisco ISD School Parents Council, said Frisco ISD underprivileged student clothing fills a much-needed gap.

“Frisco has several other organizations that provide food and hygiene items, but there weren’t enough clothes for our students,” Palmer said. “We want our students in the district to feel comfortable and on an equal footing with everyone else, so that they have the best conditions for learning.”

Frisco Threads is open for donations from 9 am to noon on Mondays at 7159 Hickory Street. Trading days are held on Thursdays from 9:00 to 13:30, and one Thursday a month the organization opens later.

Tara Childers, chairman of Frisco Threads, said 18 to 20 families receive clothes there every week.

“We hope we can make life a little easier for families and bring a smile to some kids’ faces,” Childers said. “And we just appreciate all the community support we’ve received.”

Clothing donations are accepted from children sizes 3T to adult sizes 3X.

“We hope to help provide them with clothing so they can be confident,” Childers said. “They can focus on their studies and peer relationships and not worry about what they’re wearing.”

More information about Frisco Threads can be found on their website.

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