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Editor’s Note: We’ll be posting games as we receive them throughout the night.


Grade AA

• Billings Senior, 63, Billings Skyview, 60: McLain BerkeleyA three-pointer from the left flank to the siren was good, and the Bronx celebrated a three-point road victory over their rival in the city. The Bronx led by 10 at the start of the fourth quarter and then dropped a five-point lead in the last minute before Berkley pulled out the game winner. Jayden Turner led the Bronx with 19 points and Zach Wug added 11, all in the fourth quarter. skyview Lane Love topped all scorers with 21 points. Rise Owens chipped in with 15 for the Falcons.

Class A

• Le Havre 71, No. 10 Malta 69: Class B Mustangs lost to Class A Blue Ponies. Stockton Oxarart lost 19 points for Malta and Bogdy Branden collected 13. Jared Eggebrecht and Treyton Wilke added 11 points each, and Caden Bishop counted eight. No statistics were reported for Le Havre.

• Dillon, 66, Livingston, 26: The Beavers took a 22-8 lead in the second half on their way to their fourth conference win and ninth place overall. Carter Curnow scored 16 points and Kyler Angellant dropped 12. Treyton Graham scored 11 points. William Sale led the Rangers with eight points.

Class B

• No. 3 Fairfield 81, East Helena 57: Deron Lear led six players in double figures as the Grade B Eagles edged out the Grade A Vigilantes. Lear scored 16 points, Owen Cartwright drain 15 and Cooper Christensen fourteen. Tyson Shenk scored 12 points Brian Ward scored 11 and Cole Neil added 10. Colter Charlesworth played a monstrous game for the Vigilantes, scoring 30 points. Coby Mergenthaler grid 10.

• No. 1 Bigfork 61, Columbia Falls 48: The Vikings beat the Class A Wildcats to go 11–2 overall and 8–0 in tournament play. Isak Epperly lost 22 points. Bryce Gilliard and Wyatt Johnson scored nine points and Eli Thorness contributed eight. Statistics for Columbia Falls were not reported.

• St. Labre 75, Northern Cheyenne 48: The Braves moved up to 6th-7th overall, defeating the Grade C Eagles (1-6, 1-8). Titan Hanson scored 21 points and Seth Hill grid 18. Solan Medical Bull added eight points. King of the Mexican Cheyenne lost 14 points for the Eagles. Nate Longsiu scored 10.

• 68 St. Labre, 64 Colstrip: Titan Hanson lost 22 points, leading four players by double figures, as the Braves took a 15-point lead after one quarter and contained the Colts’ rally in the fourth quarter. Sodisin MedicineBull added 13, Blake Realbird 12 and Seth Hill 10 for St. Labre, who led 58-47 in the final eight minutes. Zane Hurt poured 30 points, Braydon Hadaller 13 and Niol MedicineBull 12 for colstrip.

• Joliet 54, Shepherd 36: Bryce Williams paved the way with 14 points, and Brody Gebhardt and Seth Bailey provided 11 each as the J-Hawks outlasted the Mustangs. Joliet led by seven at halftime before pulling away. Colby Kring scored 17 points for Shepherd.

Class C

Sheridan 63, Twin Bridges 32: Cade Katy nine players led the scoring column with 23 points, and the Panthers improved to 7–4 in conference play and 8–5 overall. Trey Shrank scored 17 points and Jacob Mann scored 10.

Fairview 55, Ritchie-Lambert 29: Jeff Tjelde lost 17 points and Hunter Charbono scored 13 points as the Warriors remained perfect (6-0) in conference play. Wyatt McPherson scored eight points and Landen Thompson contributed six. Lane German scored 10 points for Fusion. Josh Sponheim dropped from nine.

• Winnett Grass Range 54, Great Falls Central 48: Brady Buntz became the top scorer with 24 points and Cooper Doman backed him up with 17 for the Rams, who rallied three points down early in the fourth quarter to pass the Mustangs. Great Falls Central led 37-34 in the final eight minutes. Austin Armstrong scored 16, Brandon Bliss 13 and Max Leri 11 for Central.

• Fort Benton 61, Conrad 31: Cody Evanled a balanced attack with 14 points and Brock Grossman scored 12 points as the Longhorns defeated the Cowboys. Sam Smith added eight for Fort Benton, who led with 17 at halftime and extended the lead to 27 after three quarters. Samuel Blanchard scored 11 points for Conrad.


Grade AA

• No. 5 Helena Capital 44, No. 4 Missoula Sentinel 42: Gracie Mokel scored 14 points, and the Bruins were ahead of the Spartans in a thriller and won their fourth victory in the conference. Taylor Sayers added seven points and Katherine Emmert and Brooklyn Briscoe scored six points each. Emily McElmurry scored a game-record 22 points and led the Spartans (4-2, 7-3).

Class A

• Paulson 55, No. 8 St. Ignatius 54: The Class A Pirates (5-1 in the conference, 8-4 overall) beat the Class B Bulldogs 15-8 in the fourth quarter to seal a competitive win. . Mila Hawk scored 25 points and became the leader among all scorers, and the Pirates Julia Barnard added 15. Cooper Page lost 22 points for Saint Ignatius, with Cason Page hit on 12 and Cora Matt grid 10.

• #1 Dillon 61, Livingston 35: The Beavers beat Rangers 13-0 (0-4, 1-9) and beat them 38-19 in the second half. Sydney Petersen lost 18 points, Holly Fitzgerald scored 15 and Kenley Graham contributed 12. Veronica Turk led the Rangers with 13 points. Maria Turk added six.

• Sig 56, Stillwater Christian 41: Brooke Roberts scored 21 points Bailey Smith rolled 14 and Jude Perry nine for bulldogs (1-4, 4-6). Perry grabbed nine rebounds, as did his teammate. Ria Hirsch. Zoe Lynn Stillwater led all scorers with 28 points. Katherine Paolini grid 10.

Class B

• No. 5 Huntley Project 85 Newsletter 9: Paige Lofing led 10 players in scoring with 26 points as the Red Devils improved to 6-1 in conference play and 11-1 overall. Ivy Grimsrud lost 18 points, Lily Zimmer scored 13 and Shayanna Harman contributed eight.

• No. 1 Bigfork 58, Columbia Falls 26: The Valkyries are undefeated this year with their 13th Class A victory over Columbia Falls. Bredon Gunlock topped the list of nine players with 14 points. Ava Davey and Paton Gunlock scored 11 points each, while Scout Nado add seven. Statistics for Columbia Falls were not reported.

• No. 3 Baker 85, Sydney 39: The Spartans won their sixth consecutive game in the conference, going 21-11 in the first quarter and leading 49-21 at halftime. Madison O’Connor gone by 33 points. Hope Gonsioroski scored 11 points and Eva Ucker grid 10. Sophie Peters scored 12 points in favor of the Eagles (1-4, 3-8). Savonra Anderson and Kendyl Vacha each added seven points.

• Lodge Grass 97, Colstrip 62: Gabby falls scored 18 points and 11 players reached the scoring column of the Indians, who earned their fifth conference win and seventh overall. Clo Cummins lost 17 points and Ramira White hit on 16. Kevy Rogers and Tylie Bird scored 10 points each. Malea Egan led all scorers with 23 points for the Phillies. Mikal Anderson scored 15 points.

• Shepherd 50, Joliet 47: Ashley Carroll led all scorers with 18 points for the Phillies, who took an eight-point lead after one quarter and pinned the J-Hawks from there. Molly Gilbert added 10 for the shepherd. Kinley Erickson scored 13, Jaycee Spitzer 11, and Malia Bradley and Savana Warburton nine for Joliet.

• Colstrip 82, St. Label 23: Malea Egan they had a hot hand with 33 points and four Phillies hit double figures in their romp over the Braves. Tilly Hadaller scored 12, Kayla Kertzmann 11 and Mikal Anderson 10 for Colstrip, who led 25-2 after one quarter. Ashtinn Egan added nine for the Phillies.

• 59 Missoula Loyola, 39 Florence-Carlton: Ora Lindauder and Charlotte Cummings shared the awards with 12 points each for the Breakers, who were one point behind after the first quarter but closed the half with a 20-7 lead over the Falcons. Gio Horner added 11 points and Sammy McHugh provided eight for Loyola.

Class C

• Beach, ND 44, Vibo 30: Ashlynn Varner scored eight points Elora Amsler and Annika Lunde brought in seven pieces, and Grace Begger and Riley Pederson added four points to the Longhorns (2-2, 6-5). Tyra Feldmann lost 20 points for the beach.

• Fort Benton 56, Conrad 35: Emmerson Giese scored a game-high 17 points and the Longhorns opened up a tight game in the fourth quarter to land the Cowboys. Angelina Riner scored 10 and Kasha Corder nine for Fort Benton, who led with seven coming in the last eight minutes but ended on a 17-3 binge. Loni Orcutt scored 11 points for Conrad.

20 points club

33: Malea Egan, Colstrip

33: Madison O’Connor, Baker

thirty: Colter Charlesworth, East Helena

28: Zoe Lynn, Stillwater Christian

26: Paige Lofing, Huntley Project

24: Brady Buntz, Winnett Grass Range

23: Cade Cathy, Sheridan

22: Titan Hanson, Saint-Labre (cf.)

22: Cooper Page, Saint Ignatius

22: Isak Epperly, Bigfork

22: Emily McElmurry, Missoula Sentinel

21: Brooke Roberts, Sig

21: Titan Hanson, St. Labre

21: Lane Love, Billings Skyview

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