Gallery Closing: Southbound Westheimer exit to West Loop closes tonight

In addition, the southbound 610 West Loop Front Road will be closed at Hidalgo Street at 9:00 pm on January 10th.

Traffic will need to keep to the right and merge onto the main southbound IH 69 Southwest Freeway entrance. Then turn onto Fountain View Drive, exit and turn around onto Fountain View Drive.

Then take the next exit onto the main lanes of IH 69 Southwest Freeway heading north. Then merge at the interchange to the main lanes of IH 610 West Loop southbound.

This is not the only closure that went into effect this month for the exchange project.

Drivers will have to exit onto Hidalgo Street at the 610 West Loop exit southbound onto Hidalgo Street/Richmond Avenue.

Check out our interactive traffic map to see this and other trouble spots in the Houston area:

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