Good Morning News: Pope Francis’ Whisper-Soft Mic ‘Being Gay Is Not a Crime’, Shady Providence Health Profits and Arkansas Anti-Drag Bill Will Include Shakespeare and Mulan


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Good morning Portland: How are you going to pray for gays when you can pray for gays? I will see myself in the NEWS:

IN LOCAL NEWS:While Multnomah County has done a point-in-time homeless count with some regularity, one that starts today and runs through Jan. 31 will attempt to fully integrate Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties.

ICYMI the Portland Thorns FC has fired the team’s head coach and assistant coach after an investigation by the National Women’s Football League found that both behaved inappropriately last year. Abe Asher reports.

• This is cute:

Portland Timbers hires former General Counsel Heather Davis as first-ever female CEO

— Oregonian (@Oregonian) January 25, 2023

• PNW Providence Healthcare provides extensive coverage for this edition of the Daily on predatory nonprofit healthcare:

Non-profit hospitals were founded to help the poor in the US. But a New York Times investigation found that many have strayed from those philanthropic roots, sometimes to the detriment of patients’ health. Listen to today’s edition of The Daily.

— New York Times (@nytimes) January 25, 2023

IN NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL NEWS:In an interview with The Associated Press, the current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, said that homosexuality is not a crime. Don’t get excited, he called it a sin anyway. However, he seemed to be instructing church bishops – governing Catholics – to “have a conversion process” and stop supporting laws against homosexuality. Although it’s a weak sauce in our progressive society, it’s a very, very hot sauce for the pope and represents the pope’s first commentary on laws criminalizing homosexuality.

And is now doing the exact opposite of what the Pope said: Arkansas Senator Gary “quit hydroxychloroquine, quit critical racial theory” Stubblefield introduced a bill earlier this month that is now moving through the legislature held back to classify drag shows as “a business oriented on adults.” Yes, it’s story hour again in the library. The bill defines drag as “one or more performers” displaying “a gender identity that differs from the sex of the performer assigned at birth, using clothing, makeup, or other accessories traditionally worn by members and designed to exaggerate gender identity.” the opposite sex of the performer. That means Senator Stubblefield also opposes a bunch of Shakespeare, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Disney’s Mulan.

• A toast to the fact that this is an RBG affair with a deadpan face:

A shimmering female sculpture depicting Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been placed atop the influential New York City Court of Appeals building. Executor, @shahziasikandertold me that this is an urgent form of “resistance” as women’s reproductive rights are under siege:

— Dan Bilefsky (@DanBilefsky) January 25, 2023

• And now for today’s Trump fine:

@washingtonpostA Florida federal judge has fined former President Donald Trump and his lawyer nearly $1 million for a baseless lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

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