Governor Abbott: President Biden did not respond to state border requests

(Central Square) – President Joe Biden has not responded to multiple requests from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for help on the southern border, the Republican governor says.

During Biden’s first visit to the border in El Paso earlier this month, Abbott provided the president with a list of five solutions he says help protect the border. According to him, Abbott has not received a response to what he considers a solvable problem related to the enforcement of existing laws established by Congress.

In response to the Biden administration policy directing Border Patrol agents to release illegal foreign nationals into the US, majority of which are released in Texas, Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021. December 20, 2023, the akimat reported.

“Operation Lone Star continues to fill the dangerous gaps left by the Biden administration’s refusal to secure the border,” Abbott said. “Every person detained or arrested and every ounce of drugs seized would otherwise have reached the communities of Texas and the nation due to President Biden’s open border policy.”

Detention of smugglers is a daily occurrence as sheriffs and Department of Public Safety troopers identify foreign and U.S. citizens responding to lucrative social media ads asking them to pay to pick up people at drop-off points along major highways and country lanes. roads in rural Texas. This was reported to The Center Square by law enforcement officers.

During one of the recent stops, traffic police officers stopped a truck towing an auto transporter in the border district of Uvalde. 15 illegal foreign citizens were hiding in the towed cars. The Houston driver was arrested and charged with human smuggling. All 15 people who were hiding inside were detained and handed over to the border guards.

Traffic police officers found 15 illegal immigrants during a traffic stop in Uvalde County. On January 13, 2023, servicemen stopped a truck towing a car transporter. The illegals were hidden inside the cars on the transporter. The Houston driver was arrested and charged with human smuggling. All 15 illegal immigrants were handed over to the border guards.

In nearby Kinney County, traffic police stopped a transit van and found six Mexican nationals, all single young men of military age, sitting in the cargo hold. They were picked up at a certain location after entering the US illegally. The driver, also from Houston, told officers that the cartels were paying him $2,000 to smuggle them. The driver was arrested and charged; Mexican citizens were transferred to the border patrol.

Traffic police stopped a transit van in Kinney County and found six illegal immigrants from Mexico inside. The Houston driver said they were paid $2,000 for their smuggling. The driver was arrested and charged. Illegal immigrants were handed over to the border service. (07.01.2023)

In neighboring Val Verde County, two underage smugglers were leading traffic police in a high-speed chase. The driver stopped to let three illegal foreigners – all single young men – jump out on the side of the road, crashing into bushes. Soldiers pursued the driver until he and another male passenger and alleged smuggler from Del Rio also eventually bailed out and ran behind the apartment building. Both were arrested and charged with evading arrest and human smuggling. Law enforcement’s priority, The Center Square officers explained, is always to catch and arrest the smugglers.

In another part of Val Verde County, on Highway 277, military personnel stopped a middle-aged man driving a car and repeatedly asked him, “Is anyone in the trunk?” He shook his head and pretended not to understand the question. The driver also said that he did not have an identity card. Because he was handcuffed, the two men in the car tried to flee on foot. They were detained and charged with evading arrest.

The soldiers then opened the trunk and found two illegal foreign men hiding inside. They were detained and handed over to the border service. The driver was charged with human smuggling, possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine, and illegal possession of a weapon.

DPS soldiers thwarted a human smuggling attempt in Val Verde County on January 11, 2023. During the stop, two passengers jumped out and ran away. They were detained and charged with evasion. Two illegal immigrants were found in the trunk, who were transferred to the border service. The driver was charged with human smuggling, possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and illegal possession of a weapon.

In Maverick County, several counties to the southeast, a DPS brush group arrested two military-age Mexican citizens for trespassing on a private ranch. Both have had several illegal entries and deportations and are suspected of gang ties.

In the Rio Grande Valley in Hidalgo County, DPS troops chased the driver of a Nissan pickup truck around the Mission. One person helped out and was detained by a serviceman. The driver, a Mexican citizen, continued to race towards the dead end, trying to reach the fence, where he could jump out, run through the forest and avoid arrest. But a paratrooper working with the tracking K-9 delayed him two miles. He was charged with evading arrest and smuggling people.

Meanwhile, officers detained Mexican citizens, including women, who were hiding in a truck left by the driver. In the back passenger seat and lying in the back of a truck, 14 people tried to illegally enter the United States.

In Culberson County, a DPS Aviation flight crew assisted border patrol agents who successfully apprehended a Mexican national drug dealer. They followed him for about two miles on foot, detained and arrested him, and seized two packs of drugs.

Meanwhile in El Paso, the Biden administration has released a record number of people onto the streets, creating a public health, crime and humanitarian crisis, authorities say. As a result, the Democrat mayor of El Paso declared a state of emergency. To respond to the crisis, Abbott ordered more than 600 National Guard troops to support law enforcement partners to block entry along the border into the state and stop transnational criminal activity.

Texas also continues its bus mission. As of Jan. 20, the state has delivered more than 9,100 people to Washington, D.C. since last April; more than 5200 people in New York and more than 1500 people in Chicago since last August; and over 890 to Philadelphia since November. All foreign citizens signed a waiver and volunteered to get transportation to the north at the expense of the taxpayers.

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