Homeowner in Central Texas shot and killed intruder, sheriff says

BOSK COUNTY, Texas (KWTX)- Sheriff Trace Hendrix said William Strauser of Valley Mills was placed in the Bosque County Jail on charges of attempted burglary, criminal disorderly conduct and criminal trespass after Strauser was shot dead by a local homeowner.

At approximately 6:50 pm on January 3, representatives from the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office answered a call from a 3505 Road County resident regarding an attempted burglary that resulted in the alleged intruder being shot dead by the homeowner.

Deputies who arrived at the residence found a man lying on the sidewalk in front of the residence, with the landlord holding the suspect at gunpoint.

The owner of the house was disarmed, and law enforcement officers provided first aid to the suspect, who received a gunshot wound to the upper right leg.

The homeowner told MPs that the intruder rammed his car through a locked gate, gained access to the property, walked to the front door of the residence, and “aggressively” attempted to break into the residence.

“Evidence at the scene supports this claim. The attacker was taken by ambulance to the Hillcrest Emergency Department, where he was treated for a gunshot wound and released,” the sheriff said. “After being released on medical grounds, the police took the suspect into custody.”

The deputies confirmed that “the parties involved were known to each other and that this was not a random robbery attempt.”

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