Houston company Turkey Leg Hut sued for $1.3 million over late grocery bills

A prominent Houston restaurant is in legal trouble for allegedly not paying for more than $85,000 worth of groceries, FOX 26’s Matt Seedorf said Thursday.

Turkey Leg Hut near downtown Houston is enjoying a steady rise in popularity, thanks in part to a strong social media presence (they have over 523,000 followers on Instagram alone) and a string of appearances by celebrities such as 50 Cent and James Harden. A recent viral TikTok series shows users salivating over smoked turkey legs stuffed with Cajun rice, topped with crayfish pasta and cheese, or topped with their “secret seasoning”.

According to Fox 26’s Seedorf, the food supplier for the iconic restaurant claims his management still hasn’t paid for much of the food.

According to Seedorff, US Foods filed a lawsuit against Turkey Leg Hut on December 2 last year. The food distribution giant, which generated more than $29 billion in revenue in fiscal 2021, claims Turkey Leg Hut owes it $85,106 in unpaid grocery bills. That amount has been exacerbated with interest over the delinquency window, which, combined with potential legal fees, could rise to $1.288 million as a result of this new lawsuit, according to US Foods. The two companies started a joint business in 2020, Seedorff said, although the number of bills that Turkey Leg Hut allegedly failed to pay remains unknown at this time.

Turkey Leg Hut co-owner Lynn Price responded to FOX 26’s post about the lawsuit in an Instagram post. “If you’re going to tell a story, tell the whole story…” Price wrote, according to Seedorf.

“Understood, this comes from a resentful PR lady, as well as ex-employees who are really resentful of not being part of the brand… understand, check the track record and we paid taxes, etc. on time 100k a month and salary of 85 thousand per month. a week and never missed,” Price continued. “@us_foods owes us money for ads etc on IG trucks and all… there are always three sides to a story… and [their] side is not true…why the company let the bill get so high because they didn’t do it at all.”

A US Foods spokesperson told FOX 26 that “in general, we do not comment on active litigation.”

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