Houston mayoral candidate Robin Williams has been accused of assaulting his boyfriend.

Houston mayoral candidate Robin Williams was arrested Tuesday after she was accused of hitting her boyfriend who lives in the house during two separate fights last year, one on New Year’s Eve and the other in August.

In the most recent incident, according to a report by Matt deGrood of the Houston Chronicle, a Missouri City police officer’s boyfriend called law enforcement and told authorities that they had an argument that resulted in her punching him, causing him to bleed from lips.

While the officers were at the scene, deGroode said the boyfriend showed authorities an August 2022 video of Williams, wearing a Missouri Police Department T-shirt, repeatedly hitting him with a baton issued to her by the department. Authorities claim Williams is yelling, “Bitch, you broke my phone and you know I’m a police officer. Bitch, that costs over $2,000.”

The guy also claimed that in August 2022, another verbal altercation led to Williams using a stun gun on him.

The Williams campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Williams began her campaign for mayor in 2022 with a focus on police department reform. “I am you, and you are me. Support the blue but not the bullies in blue,” she wrote as her campaign slogan, according to her campaign website.

Williams served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before joining the local police department.

Williams was issued a $15,000 bond. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, she was charged with persistently abusing a family member.

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